D's Enterprise certification

Starwood D's Global Code: 658132535

https://dunsregistered. dnb. com/dunsregisteredprofileanywhere. aspx key1=3077986

What is D's global code?

(-) is a group of D unique nine-digit identification number, used to link D's exclusive high-quality information products and services. At the same time, D's Global Code (-) is the globally recognized and universal EDI and E-commerce Trading Company identification number.

The world's most influential standard setting body: More than 50 global industry and trade associations, as well as the U.S. federal government, recommend or use D's Global Code (-).

In D's database, D Global Coding (-) is the key to establish the relationship between enterprise groups. Because a company in different regions of the relationship between enterprises (subsidiaries, branches) will have their own unique D Global Code (-), as a result, a large company may have several different D global codes (-) under its conglomerate, while $xmlesc is able to connect the parent, subsidiaries, headquarters and affiliates of more than 70 million conglomerates with the D Global Code (-).

D's Enterprise certification